Sires and Semen

These Schuler sires average 227 HerdBuilder, 53 GridMaster with a 16 CED to 114 YW spread; Collectively, these sires are responsible for our 2019, 2020 & 2021 bull sale offerings.  HerdBuilder and GridMaster are Red Angus economic selection indices that allow ranchers to compare bull's impact on profitability: HerdBuilder for cow/calf operations that raise their own replacements and feed and market excess heifers and all of the steers on a value-based grid. The GridMaster Index is for operations that don't raise replacements, thus it places greater value on feedlot performance and carcass traits and removes emphasis on maternal traits and calving ease. THE AVERAGE SCHULER RED ANGUS HERD SIRE RANKS IN THE BEST 2% FOR BOTH OF THESE INDICES!

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