Feeder Cattle

25+ years of feedlot and carcass data have paid off with numerous GridMaster awards for Schuler customers. Use the arrows on the right or left to view all available lots of "Schuler-bred" feeder cattle. Contact these ranchers directly with any questions about their cattle, or feel free to contact us at Schuler Red Angus.

  • 75 Red Angus Feeder Calves

    Fancy Red Angus Feeder Calves

    • Seller/Location:   Lukesh and Mehling; Charlene Lukesh, (308) 279-1323
    • Sale:   Platte Valley Livestock, October 17th
    • Date:   October 17, 2016
    • Rep:   Charlene Lukesh, (308) 279-1323
    • # Head:  60 steers, 15 heifers
    • Base Weight:   600-650 lb steers, 550-600 lb heifers
    • Breed Type:   Sired by Schuler Red Angus bulls out of Red Angus cows
    • Color:   Solid Red 
    • Vaccinations:   Branding-InForce 3 Vision 7 with Spur, steers implanted Precondition-Pyramid 5 + Presponse
    • Comments:   Steers tagged with Red Angus Feeder Calf Certification tags. Heifers suitable for replacements.
    • Genetics:   Schuler Red Angus