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Dependable Genetics

All calves are digitally weighed at birth.

Schuler Red Angus has over 35 years experience in performance testing and using meaningful data to select for traits of economic relevance to ranchers and the feedlots who buy their calves. Count on the Schuler family to supply reliable seedstock and customer service that improves the return on your investment in Schuler genetics.


Honest Fertility

Our cows have to earn their grazing rights annually…just like yours!

Generations of disciplined selection for moderate milk and growth traits, pregnancy, fleshing ability, and disposition has produced a cowherd that excels in reproductive traits. Every cows’ grazing rights is dependent on her ability to breed and raise a quality calf every year. Heifers born early in the calving season are given selection preference and must breed within 30 days to be considered for replacement status. No cows or bulls are given preferential treatment over their contemporaries. Ironically, some programs claim emphasis on fertility but only market two-year-old bulls. All our bulls are used as yearlings with some servicing their third set of females by their 2nd birthday.


Proven Value

25% of all high-accuracy Red Angus carcass sires were proven through Schuler's structured progeny testing

Cattle feeders and packers recognize extra value in cattle sired by Schuler Red Angus bulls resulting from our 25 year commitment to carcass and feedlot data collection. The Schuler progeny test program includes genetic opportunity sires and high accuracy reference sires which are randomly mated to over 700 commercial females annually. Data collection includes: Post-Weaning Gain, Feed Intake, Conversion, Marbling Score, Hot Carcass Weight, Dressing Percent, Yield Grade, Ribeye Area, and Fat Thickness. 


Docile Disposition - Guaranteed!

Our son David with two-year-old bulls in 2004

Our son David with two-year-old bulls in 2004

Both Schuler Red Angus and Schuler Red Composites have been selected for disposition. Our herds are easy to handle, and most visitors comment on how our Composite bulls share the same docility as our purebred Red Angus.

We augment our selection for docility with low-stress handling techniques. These are applied to both the way we handle our cattle and the facilities we design for their care. On horseback, ATV, or on foot, you'll find Schuler seedstock easy to handle.

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